Jewelry Care


All precious metals will tarnish with wear. The best way to avoid tarnishing is to not wear your jewelry in the shower or while working out and to keep it away from chemicals. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean their jewelry. It is easy to remove light stains and tarnish with a little bit of care. With proper care, your handmade jewelry will last for years.

Even if you are diligent about ensuring your jewelry isn’t exposed to products or other harmful chemicals, your body’s natural oils can still cause tarnish over time. remember to take them off every week to clean them.

We recommend cleaning your pieces once a week to keep them in great shape.

Our jewelry is made from 14k gold-filled, rose gold-filled, 18K gold filled, 24k gold plated over sterling silver, sterling silver and 14k solid gold. here are some tips to help keep it shiny and new looking.

14K gold filled, 14K Solid Gold and Sterling Silver, water-proof and wearable 24/7.

925 sterling silver,  18K gold filled and 24k gold plated jewelry, gently buff with a soft and dry cotton or microfiber cloth. Avoid contact with anything containing derivatives of alcohol.

How to take care of handmade jewelry

When you're not wearing or cleaning your jewelry, keep it safe from loss as well as tarnishing and aging in your jewelry box. ( Use a small ziplock bag for storage.They’re inexpensive, helps prevent tangling, and keeps air out. ) Never store your silver earrings or other silver jewelry pieces in the open air, as this will make them tarnish faster.

Sterling Silver jewelry should always be stored separately from other jewelry in airtight plastic bags to prevent scratching from other jewelry.

PLEASE DO NOT wear when using body sprays, perfumes, any hair products or household products. NEVER take your jewelry into the spa.

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